feminism and motherhood…WAFP

<a href="” title=”feminism and motherhood…WAFP”>feminism and motherhood…WAFP

This clip is a warm-up to my next post–a short (and, let’s face it, quite critical) analysis of the way motherhood is framed in current public discourse.  “I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT?!”  I’ll tell you…she doesn’t.  And fuck you for making her feel like she has to…

~Lil’ Jizzy

We love you Giroux and we don’t care what they say about you…

It’s true.

Lil Jizzy wanted to share this but she has swore off all electronics this summer so I’ll post in her technical absence.  We love Giroux and fuck them if they can’t take a joke.

The Occupy Movement and the Politics of Educated Hope by Henry Giroux on Truth-Out

World Class, Face to Face? All over my face? In your face?

She Who Shall Not Be Named sent this out, but she is too busy playing Diablo to post so I wanted to share this because it’s too good to leave cold in my inbox.  And I can’t pass up the chance to slam Shit State University.  Hope you weren’t planning on making money with that vagina and Ph.D. at WSU!  No siree.

Faculty Salaries from The Chronicle of Higher Ed

Funny shit. Would be funnier if it wasn’t so painfully true.

Nacho Cheese sent this out as an email and I’m posting it here because she doesn’t like blogging because it’s too much like driving?  Fuck if I know.

Graduate Student Barbie

Oh Dean Dad…how I love thee.

How you give me hope that Cultural Studies might come in handy someday, perhaps in blog form if not in job form.

Here is a recent post from Dean Dad.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thoughts on Romney and Higher Ed

At least he’s not mandating creationism.

Mitt Romney’s plans for higher education thus far are silly, but not catastrophic.  Already that puts him ahead of much of his party.  Continue reading